January 2nd.

A new year. A new me.
Except New Years Day consisted of a coffee, crisps, a cream cheese bagel, a duck & lamb roast dinner, chocolate gateaux and a Chinese takeaway for good measure! Its out of control now, the wine and the beer, the food, the numbers on the scale and the ever decreasing self esteem.

As I look around my environment I see a cluttered bedroom with a messy bed and my husband slumped in the middle of it reading another book that he wont get two pages into without snoring his head off! I see rolls (plural) in my stomach & flab bulging from my thighs, another haircut I am not happy with and clothes splattered around the room that I wish I never had, A. because they are 3 sizes bigger than I want to own & B. because I am positive they are not “on trend”. The clock says 23:07 which is way later than my usual bedtime but over Christmas  I have become accustomed to 9am lie-ins which will not work when the schools start up again!

But just when my ‘diary’ is beginning to sound like a suicidal Bridget Jones wrote it, alas I have a plan! This time next year I am going to read this with sympathy for my slightly younger, slightly (although hopefully massively) fatter self and be proud of what I have achieved in 2014!

que motivational photo.